Registering & getting a Motocross Logbook

will bring many Benefits

✓ Prove you are the legal owner of the bike

✓Don’t get caught out buying a stolen bike, many on Ebay are stolen. Buy with confidence!

✓ The bike will be on the International Database. Crossing borders
will be easy, no problems with European Police.

✓ ACU and recognised affiliated bodies tracks and race meetings will always have legal riders with their own bikes as the Logbook can be shown or checks can be made for free on the Database

✓ Lower insurance

✓ Increase the sale value of bikes

✓ FREE to check other bikes on the Motocross Logbook Database

✓ Stop & deter the thieves. Protect the sport by stopping the scum that ruin the motocross name, the police can prosecute now they know the bike is stolen

Join the International Database of Motocross Bikes

The database is Global. Our aim is to have every motocross bike on the International Database in the not so near future. We aim to stop sales of stolen bikes across the borders.

Once on the database, even without your certificate, the tracks & race meetings can instantly check the database and see the bike belongs to you, but you will have to carry your secondary source of personal ID.  

 ITS FREE to check bikes details on  Put in the Engine and Frame number.  Check as many bikes details as you like, this service on the database IS FREE.  Check for stolen bikes.

Motocross Logbook ID Certificate Proves you are the Owner

Your new logbook works the same as a V5 for your car.  With your Motocross Logbook you can prove to Police, tracks and race meetings, insurance companies that the bike it legally yours.

Lower your Bike Insurance

By registering on the International Database and having  the Motocross Logbook ID Certificate you will lower your insurance costs.  

Prove to the Police the bike is Yours

Proof of Ownership of bikes can help the police in their fight against motocross bikes being stolen and unlawfully ridden.  Racing your bike anywhere in the World is made easy as you can proved to the other Police Forces the bike is legally yours. 


Why is the Motocross Logbook so Important to the Sport ?

The LogBook is so important to the sport because it brings so many benefits to the riders and it will help eradicate countless (and on the increase) thefts that happen every day! Plus the other nasty element of Motocross caused by the individuals who don’t use the bikes for the Sport just abuse them around our roads and home towns. The Police will be able to take action now, unlike before as they can prove stolen bikes are stolen because of the Motocross LogBook!