What is the Motocross Logbook

Think of the Motocross LogBook as being the same as the obligatory V5 for a car. The Motocross Logbook will become as important as a V5 and will be expected with every sale in the future.

The Motocross LogBook is the first International Database controlled certification for a Motocross bike, providing proof of who is the registered owner. The International Database provides the rider with a unique personal data entry and a printable certificate that they can show at race meetings, tracks and to the police, proving who owns the bike.

When you buy a bike you know who the last owner was and that the bike is not stolen.
When you sell your bike the potential buyer will not have to worry whether or not they are
buying a stolen bike. This  will increase the value of the bike.

Insurance companies will recognise this LogBook and be able to provide more
reasonable insurance for riders with a LogBook. Also when  travelling abroad you
can prove the bike is yours. Foreign police forces have seized bikes, and it currently proves very difficult to prove the bikes belongs to you.



by joining the UK’s only motocross logbook registration scheme.
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