Jason Higgs

Coupe de l’Avenir Winner 1991 for the ACU

Pinhard Prize Winner

England Team

Jason Higgs has been involved in the Sport for over 30 years. He started riding at 5 years old and was Champion of Champions 1984. He was sponsored by several large teams and manufacturers  as a school boy.

As an adult, he entered the British Championships at 16, and won the Coupe de l’Avenir in 1991 for the ACU.  He was signed to Kawasaki in 1992 for the British Championships and Grand Prix. He then went on to win the Coupe de l’Avenir the same year, and again in 1992 aswell as the individual trophy.

Jason became became the youngest Grand Prix Qualifier and Point Scorer ever! He was the Pinhard Prize Winner in 1992.

He also raced for Yamaha and KTM at the Grand Prix at British level.

Jason is a committed ambassador of the Sport.