This website was made specifically for you the user. As such every effort has been made to ensure simplicity of operation for all users when registering their first motocross bike or transferring ownership of a bike.

All that said, we decided it would be worthwhile to create an additional page for the site which listed the exact steps to be taken to ensure you that you have a satisfactory and seamless experience when using the site. So with that in mind here’s how you register your first bike…

Registering A Bike

When you enter the site you will be presented with a top menu. Click on Register Here where you will be taken to the first page of the registration process. Here you enter your personal details including your email address. Please enter an email address which you use regularly in case we need to contact you. You will also need to create a password. Make a note of this as you will need it later to login to the site. ALSO REMEMBER THE EMAIL ADDRESS YOU USED AS THIS BECOMES YOUR USERNAME FOR THE SITE.

After completing your personal details go to the next page and input your bike details which are self explanatory. If your bike does not have an engine number leave blank. Then click on next and you will be taken to a page where you place a tick in the CAPTCHA box and then click the button – Pay To Register.

You will then be taken to Paypal to pay for the downloadable PDF certificate confirming the bike registration.

When you have made your payment there will be a link on the Paypal page saying – Return To Merchant. Click on this link and you will be redirected back to a page on this site where in the top right hand corner will be text in red saying – download your PDF certificate. Click on this and save the document to your desktop or download location on your PC.

Note ! If you forget to download the certificate – don’t worry, it will be available in your dashboard when you login to the site.

After download click on Login.

Enter the email address you used to register on the site and the password you created. You will then taken to a page where you are told that you are logged in do you want to log out. In the top right hand corner is a menu item labeled dashboard accessible only by you. Click on this and you will be taken to a page where you will see your bike details recorded. When finished on the site remember to logout at the end of each session.

In the event of any unlikely problems encountered during registration please email and someone will be on hand to assist you. Thank you.

Transferring Ownership Of A Bike

When you decide to sell your bike then you need to initiate the transfer of ownership option on our site. This ensures that you are no longer deemed the registered owner of the bike and that the new owner is offered the opportunity to register the bike under his name.

This is very straightforward.

Login to the site using the email address and password you registered with, Hover your mouse over the Register Here icon on the menu and it will bring up another heading – Change of Ownership. Click on this and it brings up the Change Of Ownership form.

Select the bike you are selling/have sold from the dropdown menu and then add the email address of the new owner and click submit. That’s all you need to do !

Ask the new owner to check his email, remember to get him to check spam and junk folders as well as his inbox as where the invitation email ends up is outside of our control.

He will then click on the invitation link in the mail to commence registration of the bike in his name.
Again, if encountering any problems in this process email for assistance.
Thank you