What do I do first

Firstly you register your bike on this website here at MotocrossLogBook All you need to do is click “Register Here” on the home page, enter a few simple details, it takes a few minutes, pay the fee of £4.99 and instantly your bike is registered on the International Motocross Database. After payment, click the return to merchant link on the Paypal page, and you will then be able to download a printable PDF certificate to keep in your wallet. After registering, you will be sent a small sticker, for the front number plate of the bike, with the wording. This bike is protected by the international logbook database, to help deter the thief. Here at Motocrosslogbook.com our aim is to make the database system known to the potential thieves, as well, as the owners of the motocross bikes. That way, together we will dramatically lower the daily thefts of our precious machines!

The Logbook is on an International Database

The database is global. Our aim is to have every motocross bike on the international database in the not too distant future. We aim to stop sales of stolen bikes across the borders. Once on the database, even without your certificate, the tracks & race meetings can instantly check the database and see the bike belongs to you, but you will have to carry your secondary source of personal ID. IT’S FREE to check the bikes details on MotocrossLogBook. Put in the Engine and Frame number. Check as many bikes details as you like – this service on the database IS FREE !

The Motocross Logbook

Your new logbook works the same as a V5 for your car. With your Motocross Logbook you can prove to police, tracks and race meetings, insurance companies etc that the bike is legally yours.

Insurance will be lower

By registering on the International Database and having the Motocross Logbook ID Certificate you will lower your insurance costs.  We will be working with insurance companies and negotiating lower rates for the Motocross Sport.