Q1. Are my details secure and stored safely?

A1. Yes, all details stored in the International Database are done so under the Data Protection Act 1998

Q2. Will I be asked to show my Motocross Logbook ID Certificate at tracks and race meetings?

A2. Yes, you will. We are working in conjunction with clubs and practice tracks to make this mandatory. The International Database will also be FREE and ACCESSIBLE to all tracks and race meetings and they can check there and then if the bike belongs to you

Q3. Will I get cheaper insurance?

A3. The Motocross Logbook will become nationally & internationally recognised in a very short time and being able to prove your bike is yours and not stolen will lower your insurance. The Motocross Logbook will encourage companies to start up and we are working with insurance companies to start providing good and reasonable insurance for the Motocross industry.

Q4. Do I buy the Logbook only once?

A4. Yes, this Motocross Logbook ID Certificate works the same as the V5 logbook, you only do it once when you purchase the vehicle.

Q5. Does get to see my personal infomation, ie, my name and address, and my bikes frame number?

 A5. No, all infomation is only seen by the user, in their own secure dashboard login., can only see your email address, and confirmation of payment.