The biggest problem we have with motocross bikes is unlike road going bikes they don’t have a V5 Log Book or any type of identification documents.  This makes it very easy for the criminals to keep passing the bikes between themselves or to sell the bike to a trusting moto-crosser who wouldn’t have bought it, knowing it was stolen!


The criminals “currently” ride stolen bikes at practice tracks and race meetings because the bikes carry no legal documentation.  This happens every week! By introducing the LogBook ID Card we will :-

  1. lower motocross thefts by at least 70%
  2. eradicate riding stolen bikes at ALL tracks

Register Once

The bike is only registered once, there are no yearly subscription fees.   When you sell the bike, it is de-registered and passed to the new owner who will register their own details.

LogBook ID Card

Once registered on the database the ID Card is ordered, the bike is seen as legally yours.  You can ride at tracks without your card.  All you need is a secondary form of ID

Motocross is the sport we all love, it’s in our blood, it’s what we do, its who we are. Motocross is a family of brothers and sisters worldwide. It is being violated and destroyed by the low lives who are stealing our prize machines and selling them on to other low lives who are happy to buy YOUR stolen cherished motorcycle.

Here at MotocrossLogBook.com we are dedicated to rid our sport of this criminal activity and to safeguard all the good guys in our sport.  We at MotocrossLogBook.com have created an international database where your motocross bikes are registered to you and proves they legally belong to you.  We do this by storing the bikes frame number, engine number and all the owner’s details, on our database. Your information is all  safely and securely stored under the Data Protection Act 1998. Motocrosslogbook.com does not have accsess  to your personal details, other than  your email address and confirmation of payment, through PayPal.

When you sell the motorcycle the new owner will have to log on and register their details after purchasing your motorcycle. This is exactly the same as when buying a second hand car or road going motobike and sending off the logbook to be changed with the new motobike details. Its very quick and very simple.

After you register your bikes details at MotocrossLogBook.com you will have the option to download and print off a pdf copy of your logbook. This will show the details of your motobike and your name and Issue Number (not your address) just like a car logbook but easy to carry and credit card sized.

This proves the bike is yours to ride and to sell.  A second source of ID will need to be shown at the tracks or race meetings to 100% confirm your identity.